Honorable Mention for the 2023 Américas Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature

“We are so pleased to award you for such a beautiful and touching book – the music playlists add to the enjoyment of capturing the period and characters. We believe ¡Ándale, Prieta! exemplifies distinctive literary quality, sensitive cultural contextualization, and potential for classroom and library use. It is a remarkable book.”

2023 Top Ten List of the In the Margins YA Non Fiction Book Awards

“Sometimes the strongest people in our families aren’t whom you would expect; for Yasmin, it was her Ita. In this beautifully written memoir, we learn of the generations of strong women in the author’s life, and the pain of grief in losing her grandmother. This relatable story shows that some scars can be beautiful, however, some scars linger and still hurt, while life goes on. This book highlights: life on La Frontera, Mexican identity, non-traditional families, absent fathers, and grief.”